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Luigi and the Thunder

Decided to actually finish this art I had laying unfinished since the third game's release, heh. I got frustrated with the background and just didn't continue it, aha. But I've since sucked it up and just got it done. Still proud of how I painted Luigi and Polterpup though.

[Pic ID: Artwork of Luigi and Polterpup in a mansion hallway. The camera is from slightly below and at an angle. Luigi who is faced towards us looks nervously towards the left of the wall. A large long window behind him glows white from thunder outside. Silhouetted by the thunder's light King Boo appears to be creeping outside. End ID.]

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I don't know how to draw raccoons (or was it tanukis?).

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series. He is wearing the apron from his initial appearance in the first Animal Crossing game. He stares tiredly at the viewer. End ID.]

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Another owlcat, this time a barn owl and owl finch mix

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Not pictured is Sonic embarrassed by his parents.

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of the Super Mario franchise. Mario is pictured in his rainbow outfit that was in the concept art of Super Mario Odyssey, and is holding a red skateboard vertically with one hand. With his other, he is holding hands with Princess Peach, who is wearing a light pink sweater, ripped up jeans and light blue converse shoes. Her hair has been dyed light purple, her eyes are closed and her free hand is on her chest. A yellow speech bubble shows that Mario is saying, "How do you do, fellow kids?" A big pink triangle is in the background. End ID.]

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Human? Perry

[ID: Artwork a human perry from super princess peach. Perry has light blue hair and tan skin. He wears a pastel yellow cape with light blue trim. There's a red brooch on the the top center of the cape. End ID.]

An idea for how Perry looked before being turned into a magic parasol?? He was described as a young boy, so I imagined a child.

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Starberry Novablaze

For any that came to my stream (I forgot to post the link here so sorry, I will remember next time) here is the finale!

My twitch for any who wish to watch next time

I recently changed my username and it may change again I haven't decided yet, but I have to wait awhile anyway.

Hope you all like this!

pantarhei -

Can be found in my redbubble!

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random sketches

just doodling and practicing i guess

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sunpop -

orph's og design. i stopped using it for a while but he's just so pretty i had to come back to him <33

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february's lotus pinup! he is fashionably late to the stylish cowboy trend 🍑🤠

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my full piece for A Thousand Lives: A Gyjo AU Zine ! just two college kids doing a late night cryptid hunt

Portrait of the cutest trans moth prince 💖 Very happy with this new sona.

Do not repost, trace, use, or edit. Do not use this art for RP.

I decided to make a fursona, a moth.

Adopted by Queen Adelaide, she and her all-female kingdom of bumblebees see Ridley, a rainbow maple moth, as one of their own. They were entirely supportive when he realized he was a boy.

Life is good in the hive, but he dreams of adventure. Roddigan, a fairy caught trying to take honey from the hive that Ridley lets go, accompanies him on his journey.

Do not repost, trace, use, or edit. Do not use this art for RP.

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portrait of quentin! he's a treasure hunter with a cursed sword and a huge ego >:3

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january's lotus pinup! not really a pinup per se, but this year i want to be more experimental with these!!

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My Personal Angel

Me: does no art for 2 months Me: starts something of a technique I've never tried before (watercolor), with things I've never drawn before (wings), amongst other things. -3 days later-



Love of my life...

Me @ their actual design: