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Star and Moon mini refs

babies, finally remade these two to look more like their parent's species, aaand made a new orginal species to boot heck.

Sun and Moon are two kids that were adopted by the current king of the dream world, Star's the quiet one, while Moon a big troublemaker lol

Star's artfight profile

Moon's artfight profile

Alyen and Jinx the dogs mini refs 2020

more mini ref sheets! this time i really needed to redo these two's designs, mostly because they felt kinda boring compared to my other designs, and i wanted to have a rock/punk-style OC in the case of Jinx lol

Alyen's Artfight Profile

Jinx's Artfight Profile

Sonatina mini ref 2020

yo i'm done with yet another small mini ref sheet, this time it's sonatina, a famous singer in my series. and boy do i love her design still lol

Her Artfight profile
(still need to make an icon/description heck)

Myian mini ref 2020

made a smol mini ref for my forget-me-not haired cat girl, since i kinda forgot about her and i need something that i can actually use for artfight. flowers are hard to draw decently but i'm happy i did them lineless lol

Her artfight

Ezand ref sheet 2020

done with another redone ref sheet finally, this time it's Ezand. hopefully i'll be finished with most of these before artfight in a few more months heck.

artfight profile

Fairie ref 2020

yo i remade the ref sheet for Ashtan's fairy kitty, mostly to fix ome anatomy stuff/actually give them a name, it's not that creative but oh well i guess