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ya ever just make a ref for your Benrey design? yeah, my brain is stuck in reference sheet mode right now heck

Slynus mini ref 2020

yet another mini ref done, this time it's the king of the tatzelwurms who often tends to join in his guards in protecting his people, with predictable results.

old ref:

Sonatina mini ref 2020

yo i'm done with yet another small mini ref sheet, this time it's sonatina, a famous singer in my series. and boy do i love her design still lol

Her Artfight profile
(still need to make an icon/description heck)

Myian mini ref 2020

made a smol mini ref for my forget-me-not haired cat girl, since i kinda forgot about her and i need something that i can actually use for artfight. flowers are hard to draw decently but i'm happy i did them lineless lol

Her artfight

Ezand ref sheet 2020

done with another redone ref sheet finally, this time it's Ezand. hopefully i'll be finished with most of these before artfight in a few more months heck.

artfight profile

Fairie ref 2020

yo i remade the ref sheet for Ashtan's fairy kitty, mostly to fix ome anatomy stuff/actually give them a name, it's not that creative but oh well i guess

Akorah ref sheet

hey this thing's finally finished, i really like my evil nekomata and now after all this time of having her i finally have a ref sheet heck

hey have a mini ref of the bee OC i was talking about before, i still need to figure out a name for them but this is basically what they look like right now.

TKitten ref sheet 2020

finally finished redoing my fursona's ref sheet, man this looks a lot better than the last one lol.

Tethys ref sheet

hey, as a celebration of me finally posting the first part of my NaNoWriMo fanfic, have a ref sheet for Tethys i just finished, their legs are difficult to draw decently heck

Sinder ref (redo)

hewwo i finished a better ref sheet for Sinder, mostly because the old one's pretty bare and i like drawing him a little too much heck.

Sinder Ref

yo i made another OC, heck. his name is Sinder and he’s an evil cyborg beanish that got messed up due to a scuffle with a mechawful.

bonus icon i made for him mostly for artfight:

hey ho i made a more detailed version of Shen's ref, mostly because the last one was so quickly done heck, at least he has a mask design now.