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Fairie pixel icon

have another icon i made for artfight prepping, floofy hair fairy babie
their artfight profile

og size: (100X100 pixels)

made a quickie Popple sprite, because why not?

OG size(80X90 pixels):

cat!Jeventio Sprite

i was bored and i wanted to try drawing out some shipping/ figure Cat!Jevil's design a bit. so i did a sprite~

original size(100X100 pixels):

made a new pixel icon for myself since the color palette one was geting old

Windchaser sprite

i couldn't help myself and made some fanart of a PMV i really like.

link to the PMV: True North [Warrior Cats OC PMV]

and OG size (96X96 pixels):

Christmas Newtgat Sprite

Merry (day late) Christmas! have a newtgat sprite to celebrate i guess

original size(96X96):

Tina & Teddington sprite

hello i'm currently stuck in viva pinata hell so have a Tina and Teddington sprite because i wanted to see how well i could do patterns in such a small size, the result's mixed af but at least i tried?

original size(96X96 pixels):

maskless!Dimentio sprite

hey i've become obsessed with my maskess!Dimentio design again, have a quick-ish sprite i made of him lol

OG size:

OC pixelart

i couldn't help myself and tried to do some more pixelart, the first one (Belle) was supposed to be me trying out doing a pokemon sprite, with mixed results, then i did Scrap because i wanted to figure out their design more/they need more art heck.

(i love doing pixelart too much help)