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Sinder's betrayal in a nutshell

have an old-ish thing i just finished, i've forgotten it up until today so the character art's kinda bleh but oh well~

Get down from there

another mario OC doodle, this time animated and with Shen alongside Sinder, i was very bored

cat!Jeventio Sprite

i was bored and i wanted to try drawing out some shipping/ figure Cat!Jevil's design a bit. so i did a sprite~

original size(100X100 pixels):

more maskless!Dimentio doodles

hey first full art of 2020~ and it's just some more maskless!Dimentio because i can't help myself.

Having a deathly chat

yo i finished the GHS Death in SPM style thing! hecking Queen Jaydes gave me some trouble in getting her to look decent but yeah. i had a lot of fun just trying this sort of thing out!

inktober day 23 - ancient-

done with day 23 of inktober 2019, tried to do a quickish Fracktail for the prompt heck.

inktober day 22 - ghost -

done with day 22 of inktober 2019, i really wanted to do this prompt and spent way too much time on this lol. have a Doopliss and a boo.

also have some OCXcanon i doodled because it's been awhile since i did colored stuff heck