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january's lotus pinup! not really a pinup per se, but this year i want to be more experimental with these!!

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My Personal Angel

Me: does no art for 2 months Me: starts something of a technique I've never tried before (watercolor), with things I've never drawn before (wings), amongst other things. -3 days later-



Love of my life...

Me @ their actual design:

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Those Mega Strikes are intense, ain't they?

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of Princess Peach in her attire from Mario Strikers Charged (Football). She is glowing white, her eyes are white, and she has pink wings like she is in the middle of a Mega Strike. The outer lines are jagged and rough, similarly to the Mario Strikers official artwork. Her arms are hanging by her sides and she has one foot on the soccer ball/football of the Mario Strikers game. Her head is tilted slightly to the left and her hair is to the side as if being blown by the wind. End ID.]

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Doodle of my Eevee partner from when I was playing Pokémon Let's Go!

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Found this guy in my notebook and decided to revamp them.

[Pic ID: An art piece showing an object head original character alongside three busts showing off three expressions. To the left is the full character, who has a lightbulb for head. They are wearing a brown newsboy cap, a brown scarf, a green long-sleeved shirt with lighter green stripes, a black belt with a gold buckle, light green khakis and brown loafers. "Bulbert" is written beside them. To the right of the fully drawn character are the three busts. The first bust shows off Bulbert's "happy" expression, where their lightbulb head is a bright, glowing yellow. The next bust shows Bulbert as "sad," where their lightbulb head is a dim blue and a small rain cloud is above their head. The last bust shows Bulbert "flustered," where their lightbulb head is a bright magenta and their cap is floating above their head. End ID.]

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The Christmas Witch

A friend said a thing and a thing happened and now my shoulder hurts

but hey

it's cute!

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Technically made it on Undertale's anniversary! (By, like, a couple hours, but still!) This was a traditional doodle that I decided to digitize.

[Pic ID: A fan art of Frisk and Flowey from Undertale. Flowey is looking down toward the ground in such a way that his face isn't shown as two petals fall from him. Frisk is reaching up toward him with one hand and has a concerned look on their face. Neither of them are touching the ground, and they both appear to be floating. Underneath Frisk are the words, "*But you refused." End ID.]

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Any oldy but a goody. This is one of the first drawings I ever did of my OC Cass, back before I had a tablet and did everything with a mouse in photoshop lol

Whereas it's not super anatomically correct or even perfectly on for what he looks like, the pose and the effect on the cloak are to this day two of my favorite things.

eventually I'll get back to posting new art

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a collab i did with klasse14! ✨