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hey keep the fire for blm going, the fight is not over and there's more to do

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Ways To Help

Ways To Help

Here's the carrd link for BLM resources, information on it, and how to help.

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Found on tumblr

If you want to help bail out protesters but don’t know where to send your money — act blue put together a secure page that will split your donation between 30+ bail funds across the US

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Being an Ally against Racism (masterpost)

Found this in my Tumblr circle and definitely think it's worthy sharing here so as many people see this as possible. It's a spreadsheet of a range of different media resources to help people educate themselves specifically on anti-blackness and how to be a good ally.

Please share as much as you can, I've only looked at a few of these articles so far but have been learning a lot!

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The violence and oppression black people face is absolutely unacceptable. It is vital to support current protests and work to combat anti-blackness in ourselves and our communities. Black lives matter should not be a controversal statement.

Compiled resources with petitions, lists of places to donate to, information, and more

Supporting from the UK

Anti-racist educational resources

If you want to donate, but don't have the money to do so consider streaming these videos to support via ad revenue:

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hello its my birthday but like whatever...

please support people protesting right now. no more cops. black lives matter. check out the doc in my pinned post or go here. also take a look at tweets ive retweeted recently on twitter. dont listen to cop propaganda lies. hear the people actually fighting out there.

and the most important thing. lift up and listen to black voices. protect them.