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artfight attacks dump 2

more attacks from the backlog that i have already posted on my twitter/the site itself but kinda forgot to post here oops, it's nice getting back into using my childhood-ish art program after so long of not using it, i hecking love krita aaaa

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artfight attacks dump 3

more of the backlog, more of the same except doing more lineless bust/headshots because after the first post i wanted to do them for friendly fires, and yeah

my artfight profile

reposted because i posted it instead of putting it in queue oops

artfight attacks dump 1

heyo, have some artfight attacks i've done so far, i have made a load so imma probably just do dumps like this since it's quicker heck.

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Myian mini ref 2020

made a smol mini ref for my forget-me-not haired cat girl, since i kinda forgot about her and i need something that i can actually use for artfight. flowers are hard to draw decently but i'm happy i did them lineless lol

Her artfight

Ezand ref sheet 2020

done with another redone ref sheet finally, this time it's Ezand. hopefully i'll be finished with most of these before artfight in a few more months heck.

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Fairie pixel icon

have another icon i made for artfight prepping, floofy hair fairy babie
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og size: (100X100 pixels)

update on TKitten's new ref; i finished refining the sketch, and now i'm working on the inking phase. hecking turnaround looks off compared to the other bits though heck

have a WIP of some original art i'm working on, i'm just mostly testing out painting in sketchbook so i doubt this thing will be that good looking back but oh well. at least Ashtan's looking floofy