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yes i'm doing another animation meme a few days after my first one, no i don't have any self-control.

doing an animation meme because god does this one fit Sinder a whole lot heck

also have this WIP i guess, nature trail camera-style things make a good creepy atmosphere lol

#WIP #dnr

finally redrawing my ref for ashtan, mostly because artfight's coming up soon and boi is her original one old.

have a couple of sketches i'm planning on making into painting-type things in the future, my original series' villain Akorah, and a Popple.

(the colors on the popple one are just for his ref BTW, i was lazy and didn't want to hide the layer lol)

update on TKitten's new ref; i finished refining the sketch, and now i'm working on the inking phase. hecking turnaround looks off compared to the other bits though heck

have a WIP of some original art i'm working on, i'm just mostly testing out painting in sketchbook so i doubt this thing will be that good looking back but oh well. at least Ashtan's looking floofy

(WIP) remaking my fursona's ref because it's almost 3 years old and i need to adjust a few things on her.

happy new years eve, have a WIP imma finish tomorrow of some maskless!Dimentio doodles

(WIP) working on the boss monster refs for Popple & Fawful: Fragmentary eclipse because i really need them when i'm editing the chapters they're in heck