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artfight attacks dump 2

more attacks from the backlog that i have already posted on my twitter/the site itself but kinda forgot to post here oops, it's nice getting back into using my childhood-ish art program after so long of not using it, i hecking love krita aaaa

my artfight profile

artfight attacks dump 3

more of the backlog, more of the same except doing more lineless bust/headshots because after the first post i wanted to do them for friendly fires, and yeah

my artfight profile

reposted because i posted it instead of putting it in queue oops

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Another owlcat, this time a barn owl and owl finch mix

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Eoliah color palette thing

have another color palette-y thing to test out krita, and make more backgrounds i guess

Portrait of the cutest trans moth prince 💖 Very happy with this new sona.

Do not repost, trace, use, or edit. Do not use this art for RP.

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cat!Jeventio Sprite

i was bored and i wanted to try drawing out some shipping/ figure Cat!Jevil's design a bit. so i did a sprite~

original size(100X100 pixels):