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Luigi and the Thunder

Decided to actually finish this art I had laying unfinished since the third game's release, heh. I got frustrated with the background and just didn't continue it, aha. But I've since sucked it up and just got it done. Still proud of how I painted Luigi and Polterpup though.

[Pic ID: Artwork of Luigi and Polterpup in a mansion hallway. The camera is from slightly below and at an angle. Luigi who is faced towards us looks nervously towards the left of the wall. A large long window behind him glows white from thunder outside. Silhouetted by the thunder's light King Boo appears to be creeping outside. End ID.]

C'est toi | animation meme

aaaaa did another animation meme i hope this one is correct and i didn't accidentally post the OG one again-

more AU-based mario OCs! this time it's Lathyrus' magically/artificially created child, and the last two heroes in the thing (a goomba and boo, who're girlfriends,,,,)

Toyhouse folder for all of them (so far)

(heck i need to give them all names ignore the TBN's they have)

more mario OCs! this time it's more for the first defeat of the shadow queen AU thing that Sinder's ancestor (now named Lathyrus) is mostly set in, two of the heroes +prince peasley's ancestor

current Toyhouse folder for all of them so far

have some art of Sinder's ancestor i guess, i went ham on the shading oops

have a random silly thing before i head off to bed, more of Shen/Sinder's relationship in a nutshell because the quote was stuck in my head lol

Firebrand Popple

hey have a Popple i mostly did in paint (minus refining/adding a few color layers in medibang lol.)

hey, might as well post a few random headcanons of Fawful and Popple i have, because why not?

  • the two are brothers, Popple's the older brother while Fawful is the younger one.

  • Fawful is very nearsighted, which is why he needs his glasses, his actual eyes under them are similar to the way i draw Sinder's normal eye, except more like a snake/cat i guess?

  • Popple knows a bit of how to build things, though he knows little to nothing about cooking. which usually leads to him burning stuff accidentally.

  • Popple lives somewhere in Teehee Valley, keeping anything he steals in there. Fawful does stay there too in a few AUs where he is alive (eg; bugbro!AU).

made a quickie Popple sprite, because why not?

OG size(80X90 pixels):

hey i finished another painted thing, this time with an actual background~ i need to work on trees heck

maskless!Dimentio sprite

hey i've become obsessed with my maskess!Dimentio design again, have a quick-ish sprite i made of him lol

OG size: