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have some art of Sinder's ancestor i guess, i went ham on the shading oops

headcrab cat doodle

had an urge to make a weird Oc, have a cat with a headcrab as a head i guess, idkwhyididthisheck

Alyen and Jinx the dogs mini refs 2020

more mini ref sheets! this time i really needed to redo these two's designs, mostly because they felt kinda boring compared to my other designs, and i wanted to have a rock/punk-style OC in the case of Jinx lol

Alyen's Artfight Profile

Jinx's Artfight Profile

Kiane Expressions

there was an artifight prep prompt today for expressions, so i did it for Kiane since she didn't really need a new ref/it was awhile since i drew her. so have six of them i guess!

Her Artfight Character Profile

Slynus mini ref 2020

yet another mini ref done, this time it's the king of the tatzelwurms who often tends to join in his guards in protecting his people, with predictable results.

old ref:

Akorah ref sheet

hey this thing's finally finished, i really like my evil nekomata and now after all this time of having her i finally have a ref sheet heck

hey have a mini ref of the bee OC i was talking about before, i still need to figure out a name for them but this is basically what they look like right now.


hey have some non-canon af shipping i drew randomly i guess.

Ezand color palette thing

another color palette thing, this time it's one of my non-fanart OCs (that due to fanart i've kinda neglected oops) Ezand!

Tethys ref sheet

hey, as a celebration of me finally posting the first part of my NaNoWriMo fanfic, have a ref sheet for Tethys i just finished, their legs are difficult to draw decently heck

Prince Sol color palette thing

Another color palette-y thing because i can’t help myself feat; Prince Sol because he also needs one lol

Happy little rabbit-like bean

have a color palette-y Tethys! because i couldn’t help myself in drawing them quickly.

inktober day 27 - coat -

done with day 27 of inktober 2019, did another quickie Sinder because i don't have much motivation today with this prompt heck.

inktober day 19 - sling -

done with day 19 of inktober 2019, i didn't really have anything good for the prompt but oh well, more Sinder i guess!

inktober day 17 - ornament -

done with day 17 of inktober 2019, didn't really have much ideas/motivation so i just drew my ghost-headed cat OC playing with an ornament.

inktober day 13 - ash -

that moment when you accidentally burn your mask instead of teleporting it away... oops.

(day 13 of inktober 2019 is done, couldn't really think of anything that creative so have this i guess?)

inktober day 10 - pattern -

done with day 10 of inktober 2019, i drew Sinder in a space-themed sweater because idk what else to do with this prompt.