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more AU-based mario OCs! this time it's Lathyrus' magically/artificially created child, and the last two heroes in the thing (a goomba and boo, who're girlfriends,,,,)

Toyhouse folder for all of them (so far)

(heck i need to give them all names ignore the TBN's they have)

more mario OCs! this time it's more for the first defeat of the shadow queen AU thing that Sinder's ancestor (now named Lathyrus) is mostly set in, two of the heroes +prince peasley's ancestor

current Toyhouse folder for all of them so far

have some art of Sinder's ancestor i guess, i went ham on the shading oops

more HLVRAI design refs? more HLVRAI design refs, this time it’s Gordon Freeman and boy is the HEV suit difficult to draw... i also gave him a braid because why not at this point lol

local TKitten still stuck in reference making mode, anyway have one for Tommy too because he’s the other one i had a design for already, imma work on the others in the future but yeah

ya ever just make a ref for your Benrey design? yeah, my brain is stuck in reference sheet mode right now heck

Puppy Sunkist 2

more hlvrai fanart, and more puppy!Sunkist because i really like drawing it, also Benrey's here too i guess lol

headcrab cat doodle

had an urge to make a weird Oc, have a cat with a headcrab as a head i guess, idkwhyididthisheck


i really wanted to draw more hlvrai fanart, so have Tommy holding Sunkist when he was a puppy i guess!

have a random silly thing before i head off to bed, more of Shen/Sinder's relationship in a nutshell because the quote was stuck in my head lol

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Not pictured is Sonic embarrassed by his parents.

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of the Super Mario franchise. Mario is pictured in his rainbow outfit that was in the concept art of Super Mario Odyssey, and is holding a red skateboard vertically with one hand. With his other, he is holding hands with Princess Peach, who is wearing a light pink sweater, ripped up jeans and light blue converse shoes. Her hair has been dyed light purple, her eyes are closed and her free hand is on her chest. A yellow speech bubble shows that Mario is saying, "How do you do, fellow kids?" A big pink triangle is in the background. End ID.]

Firebrand Popple

hey have a Popple i mostly did in paint (minus refining/adding a few color layers in medibang lol.)

made a quickie Popple sprite, because why not?

OG size(80X90 pixels):

hey i finished another painted thing, this time with an actual background~ i need to work on trees heck