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more bug fables fanart, feat; a couple of traditional Leif doodles and Doctor H.B. in what was supposed to be a minor artstyle test to see if i could recreate my traditional style digitally, though it looks more like i mixed it with the way i draw in paint sometimes oops

got myself bug fables for my birthday a few days ago and i have been playing a lot ever since, have a couple of Leif doodles

have some art of Sinder's ancestor i guess, i went ham on the shading oops

artfight attacks dump 2

more attacks from the backlog that i have already posted on my twitter/the site itself but kinda forgot to post here oops, it's nice getting back into using my childhood-ish art program after so long of not using it, i hecking love krita aaaa

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artfight attacks dump 3

more of the backlog, more of the same except doing more lineless bust/headshots because after the first post i wanted to do them for friendly fires, and yeah

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reposted because i posted it instead of putting it in queue oops

artfight attacks dump 1

heyo, have some artfight attacks i've done so far, i have made a load so imma probably just do dumps like this since it's quicker heck.

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more HLVRAI design refs? more HLVRAI design refs, this time it’s Gordon Freeman and boy is the HEV suit difficult to draw... i also gave him a braid because why not at this point lol

local TKitten still stuck in reference making mode, anyway have one for Tommy too because he’s the other one i had a design for already, imma work on the others in the future but yeah

ya ever just make a ref for your Benrey design? yeah, my brain is stuck in reference sheet mode right now heck

Serenia and Scoratts mini refs

more mini refs time! this time it's Serenia, a former cat who was turned into a lemur/beaver hybrid after screwing up a potion. and Scoratts, Ashtan's twin brother who can transform into a spider-y mass to get out of danger. he also has a pet tarantula buut i still need to design them heck.

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Puppy Sunkist 2

more hlvrai fanart, and more puppy!Sunkist because i really like drawing it, also Benrey's here too i guess lol

headcrab cat doodle

had an urge to make a weird Oc, have a cat with a headcrab as a head i guess, idkwhyididthisheck

Star and Moon mini refs

babies, finally remade these two to look more like their parent's species, aaand made a new orginal species to boot heck.

Sun and Moon are two kids that were adopted by the current king of the dream world, Star's the quiet one, while Moon a big troublemaker lol

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i really wanted to draw more hlvrai fanart, so have Tommy holding Sunkist when he was a puppy i guess!

Alyen and Jinx the dogs mini refs 2020

more mini ref sheets! this time i really needed to redo these two's designs, mostly because they felt kinda boring compared to my other designs, and i wanted to have a rock/punk-style OC in the case of Jinx lol

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Kiane Expressions

there was an artifight prep prompt today for expressions, so i did it for Kiane since she didn't really need a new ref/it was awhile since i drew her. so have six of them i guess!

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Slynus mini ref 2020

yet another mini ref done, this time it's the king of the tatzelwurms who often tends to join in his guards in protecting his people, with predictable results.

old ref:

Sonatina mini ref 2020

yo i'm done with yet another small mini ref sheet, this time it's sonatina, a famous singer in my series. and boy do i love her design still lol

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(still need to make an icon/description heck)

Myian mini ref 2020

made a smol mini ref for my forget-me-not haired cat girl, since i kinda forgot about her and i need something that i can actually use for artfight. flowers are hard to draw decently but i'm happy i did them lineless lol

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Ezand ref sheet 2020

done with another redone ref sheet finally, this time it's Ezand. hopefully i'll be finished with most of these before artfight in a few more months heck.

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