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Luigi and the Thunder

Decided to actually finish this art I had laying unfinished since the third game's release, heh. I got frustrated with the background and just didn't continue it, aha. But I've since sucked it up and just got it done. Still proud of how I painted Luigi and Polterpup though.

[Pic ID: Artwork of Luigi and Polterpup in a mansion hallway. The camera is from slightly below and at an angle. Luigi who is faced towards us looks nervously towards the left of the wall. A large long window behind him glows white from thunder outside. Silhouetted by the thunder's light King Boo appears to be creeping outside. End ID.]

Rufflestripe (Popple)|Mario & Luigi series|tom|

Rufflestripe is the older brother to Swirlpaw, and pretty much his only family left (that the two know of) with his odd speech patterns that he learned from watching two-leg shows he pretty much doesn't act like a normal cat (or warrior for that matter)

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C'est toi | animation meme

aaaaa did another animation meme i hope this one is correct and i didn't accidentally post the OG one again-

i posted the og meme instead of mine oops ignore what just happened

more AU-based mario OCs! this time it's Lathyrus' magically/artificially created child, and the last two heroes in the thing (a goomba and boo, who're girlfriends,,,,)

Toyhouse folder for all of them (so far)

(heck i need to give them all names ignore the TBN's they have)

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I don't know how to draw raccoons (or was it tanukis?).

[Pic ID: A fan art piece of Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series. He is wearing the apron from his initial appearance in the first Animal Crossing game. He stares tiredly at the viewer. End ID.]

more mario OCs! this time it's more for the first defeat of the shadow queen AU thing that Sinder's ancestor (now named Lathyrus) is mostly set in, two of the heroes +prince peasley's ancestor

current Toyhouse folder for all of them so far


yes i'm doing another animation meme a few days after my first one, no i don't have any self-control.

have some art of Sinder's ancestor i guess, i went ham on the shading oops

artfight attacks dump 2

more attacks from the backlog that i have already posted on my twitter/the site itself but kinda forgot to post here oops, it's nice getting back into using my childhood-ish art program after so long of not using it, i hecking love krita aaaa

my artfight profile

artfight attacks dump 3

more of the backlog, more of the same except doing more lineless bust/headshots because after the first post i wanted to do them for friendly fires, and yeah

my artfight profile

reposted because i posted it instead of putting it in queue oops

artfight attacks dump 1

heyo, have some artfight attacks i've done so far, i have made a load so imma probably just do dumps like this since it's quicker heck.

my artfight account

doing an animation meme because god does this one fit Sinder a whole lot heck

Art Fight

An art trading game

yo artfight's in a couple of days, have my profile again because i have mostly finished cleaning up my profile and making pixel icons for my characters!

more HLVRAI design refs? more HLVRAI design refs, this time it’s Gordon Freeman and boy is the HEV suit difficult to draw... i also gave him a braid because why not at this point lol

local TKitten still stuck in reference making mode, anyway have one for Tommy too because he’s the other one i had a design for already, imma work on the others in the future but yeah

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hey keep the fire for blm going, the fight is not over and there's more to do